qnx 6.2/6.3 compact flash imaging

I have my version of 6.2 (and some 6.3 boxes) running and configured the way i want. They are running on a PC104 stack with compact flash as the sole disk space. I would like to make an image (ala dd style) and then push this to another CF when a new box is built. I can’t find much info on this and my attempts at dd from linux tutorials didn’t work… though I don’t see why not being dd is a raw read/write.

Anyway… any tips?


something like this not working?

dd if=/dev/hd0 of=/dev/hd1 count=TOTALCOUNT

Assume /dev/hd0 is your current CF, and /dev/hd1 is the new CF. The “TOTALCOUNT” is number of “blocks” where 1 block is 512 bytes.

Shouldn’t it even work without the count parameter?