QNX System builder ---> CF

So I have a system builder project creating my build though I have no serial or TFTP connectivity to the board we are using.

How do I jump from the Sys builder output to compact flash?
There is a line that mentions this in the system builder how-to but they don’t explain what mechanism should be used.


The System Builder is generating a boot image. When you say CF, I assume an x86 that is using a BIOS based boot. You need to format the CF with the QNX file system. This can only be done when QNX Neutrino is running. For a reason unkown to me, QNX Momentics (Windows hosted) can not format a Compact Flash card with the QNX file system. Maybe the Windows OS doesn’t allow it. So you have to boot your system from a QNX Neutrino CD, format the CF with the QNX file system (dinit, dloader) and copy your boot image on to it.