Access files in the boot

I have a problem, I have an industrial machine which changed the file sysinit.i at the configuration of video for a new driver, after that, the display is 300x200 and the video does not allow interaction. Need only access the file and change a line, how? is there any way to prevent the loading of the window at startup? is there any way to mount this disk on another operating system and manipulate files?

Only QNX system can access a QNX filesystem. If that is a photon display you can press CTRL_SHIFT_BACKSPACE (I thing) to get back to text mode.

Mario, since it is sysinit.i I think he is talking about QNX 2, so it is not Photon, but I think QNX Windows may have shut down the same way. Of course as will all things, there would have been a way to prevent it. The fool proof way is to boot from a floppy, and mount the hard drive manually, change the search order and go in and edit the file.

Just in case, to get out of QWindows it`s CTRL-Print Screen I believe.