Qnx vs Serial port

i m a beginner so sorry for the simple question. i wish to read/write data from a serial port. for that i connected 2 PCs 1 running on windows XP and the other on QNX. i tried to send data via serial port with hyterminal on windows and a c program on the QNX end.
i used this command to open & write the port

fd = open ( “/dev/ser1”, O_RDWR );

write ( fd, buffer, sizeof( buffer ) );

close (fd)

Everything is working fine on QNX (i caheck o/p of write command, same as sizeof buffer) but i can’t gat anything on Hyperterminal(at window XP).
Can anyone help me

Two obvious things:

  1. Have you made sure that you are using the same serial port settings (baud rate, stop bits, flow control etc) on QNX and Windows.

  2. Have you got the right kind of serial cable. You probably need a cross over cable to do direct PC to PC serial comms.


You can use the stty utility to change these settings:
e.g. stty baud=9600 < /dev/ser1
For more info on stty, refer QNX Library Referece.