phInstaller - pkgsrc installer for QNX6


since a few days I’m working on a Photon-based installer for the pkgsrc repository. Here a screenshot about the work so far:

Just FYI. If you got some ideas, what I should implement there, write it down here 8)



Will the installer take care of setting up paths ( command line and library ) automagicaly.

Since svn is preinstalled on QNX, I thought about adding a wizard which can be used to setup and bootstrap the pkgsrc repository.

But at first I need to implement the installation in a PtTty. This widget is not that easy to understand :slight_smile:

This is what I’m finding from days.

Is it ok now ? o.O

Interesting… from where can I download it??



The last time I worked on xphoton to get X11 applications working on QNX. The phInstaller is not ready, so there is no place to download it as binary but I can provide the source on:

as SVN respository. Just checkout and open it in PhAB.

It seems like I have no privileges…

What do you mean by that? Here it works without authentication.

How about XPhoton? how is it doing?

Very cool project!

I’m currently working on xphoton with Michael Pfeiffer and I also uploaded it to my SVN but it’s not working yet.

Is the phInstaller worth to finish it? :stuck_out_tongue:

XPhoton first, please.