formatting already used IDE flash drive OR hard disk in QNX

Dear All,

Currently I am using the QNX 4.25 version. I have seen some messages in the QNX forum about formatting the hard disk or IDE flash drive. … +hard+disk

They simply said that use the following commands.

  1. fdisk to define partitions
  2. Followed by, dinit to create the file system.

However, the above commands will not remove the exiting data on the disk. Could you please any one suggest me how to do the format of the hard disk in QNX 4.25 version. Assumption is, that the hard disk does have so much of previous data.

I hope you understand my question. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Madhavi M.

1 fdisk to delete partition
2 fdisk to create new partition
3 dinit to init file system
After that all existing data on the disk will be removed.

Maybe you dont do press “SAVE” in fdisk utility?


Thansk for your information.

However, as I said in my first post, I did the same.

By looking at your steps, how can I come out from the fdisk utility wihtout press save command. To come out from fdisk utility and to save the partition details I need to press S. If I press Q it won’t save any thing on to the disk.

My question is, then how can I come out from fdisk utility without pressing S and at the same time by saving the newly created patition details.

Thanks and Regards,
Madhavi M

1 delete
2 save
3 create
4 save
5 quit

However when you do dinit -h /dev/hd1.77, all data must be removed.