there is error with mixer in QNX6.4

when i double-clicked ã€

i have to add somethings to my question:
i enter[ pci -vvv | less] in the Terminal
the message about audio card is showed just like below

Class =Multimedia (Audio)
Vendor ID =8086h,Intel Corporation
Device ID =27deh,82801G(ICH7 Family)AC`97 Audio Controller
PCI index =0h
Class Codes =040100h
Revision ID =2h
Bus number =0
Device number =30
Function num =2
Status Reg =290h
Command Reg =7h
I/O space access enabled
Memory space access enabled
Bus Master enabled
Special Cycle operations ignored
Memory Write and Invalidate disable
Palette Snooping disabled
Parity Error Response disabled
Data/Address stepping disabled
SERR#driver disabled
Fast back -to-back transactions to different agents disabled
Header type =0h Single-function
BIST =0h Build-in-self-test not supported
Latency Timer =0h
Cache Line Size =0h
PCIIO Address = e000h length 256 enabled
PCIIO Address = e000h length 64 enabled
PCI Mem Address =fdffe000h 32bit length 512 enabled
PCI Mem Address =fdffe000h 32bit length 256 enabled
Max Lat =0ns
Min Gnt =0ns
PCI Int Pin =INT A
Intterrupt line = 9
CPU Interrupt =9h
Capabilities Pointer =50h
Capability ID =1h-Power Management
Capabilities =c9c2h – 0h
Device Dependent Registers:
0x040:0901 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000