USB stick

Does anyone know a high storage capacity USB memory stick that will work with QNX version 6.3.0 SP3 and 6.3.2?

I would be looking for something 8Gb+



I’ve never had a problem with SanDisk USB sticks under QNX 6.3.0 SP3/6.3.2. However I haven’t used any that are bigger than 4 Gig.

Most new USB sticks work under QNX. That wasn’t always the case a few years ago but its been a while now since I’ve found one that doesn’t work. The manufacturers seem to be doing a better job following the USB spec.


Thanks for the speedy response Tim!

I have tried a curser micro 16 GB I can see it being auto mounted but when I try to view the data on it (e.g. ls /fs/usb) I get a device error.

I can see it using the usb utility as well.

Thanks again.


Have you formatted the USB stick for QNX or are you expecting it to use it with a Window file system?

Just be aware that QNX only supports reading FAT32 based Windows filesystems. It can’t read NTFS. So you may want to check to see how the USB stick is formatted if you are hoping to use it with a Windows filesystem.

From what you describe (ls /fs/usb) it doesn’t sound like QNX was able to mount the filesystem. Normally when I insert my FAT32 based USB’s I get it auto-mounted as /fs/hd0-dos. (use the df command to see the mount info)