Process Information


I´m trying to get information of the running processes (like name, size), and I only know the pid of them. But i can´t find a funtion that can help me.

I get the pid´s from the /proc directory.



And I´m using Photon Application Builder


Get the source to pidin, that’s a real gem.


I don´t understand

I think what Mario wanted to said was: “Get the source to pidin, that’s a real gem.”

:slight_smile: If you want get information of a running processes, get the source to pidin and look how it works. That’s a real gem!




I have QNX 6.4. I´m looking for the source of pidin but i don’t find it. where can i look.

My sincere thanks.

The name of the process is argv[0], right?. What else do you need exactly? What do you mean with size, the heap memory allocated? I don’t know how to get it in QNX6, I remember that I needed once upon a time in QNX 4.25 and I spent some week struggling. It was not well documented and there wasn’t the source code of sin.


In the migration set for mitgrating from qnx4.25 to qnx6 there is the source for sin or some similar app.
The information can be obtained by running through the /proc directory looking for the process number as a file.
Now you can obtain information about your process.


I would read the documentation of the migration and the project, to get the source.

My sincere thanks.

Sorry to jump into this discussion so late, but the 6.4.1 version of the Neutrino Programmer’s Guide has a section on working with the /proc//as files, which might help you get information about your processes. Here’s a link to it: … filesystem

Thanks It help me a lot