Security hole?

Hi, a stupid question.

If I connect my laptop running QNX to some “private” QNX network, then I have access to every node as root via qnet.

Could be this considered as a security hole?

Thanks for your opinion,


Some will say yes, other will say no ;-)

If that is a problem for you don`t use QNET and stick with TCPIP.

It it’s “private” enough …

Also, even though not default enabled, QNET does have "maprootï¼

I think there’s also some option to QNET where you can specify a code number to be transmitted. All in the network use this code number. If someone external tries to break in and hasn’t QNET running with this code number, he will not be able to do anything.

Thank you very much for your feedback!.. I’ll investigate these QNET’s options. I really didn’t knew about them.