No toolset with non-commercial download??

I burned the nc cdrom today, and booted my machine with it. Alas, I
don’t have a partition free or any spare FAT32. So I booted from cdrom
instead of loading. Everything is groovy, but no qcc, QCC, gcc, or g++.
Actually no development tools whatsoever. Do I need to actually load
the dist to my hard drive to get the tools? The qnx site is a little vague
on the subject, something about – the toolset is dinkums and only the
libraries are in the release. Am I missing something, or will all become
clear when I get another hard drive on my box?

Once you load the QNX onto your hard disk (own partition or FAT), you will get those compiler tools.

Brought a second hard drive. Installed the cd. logged in as root.
opened a terminal. cd / and ran

find . -name gcc -print
find . -name qcc -print
find . -name make -print

No compiler tools found.

Have you finsihed your installation?

The QNX install is a two step process, after the first reboot, you need to leave the CD in the drive and let it continue on, so it can install the QNX Momentics for Neutrino (x86).

Yes, I did the two pass installation. I a positive that qnx is not
putting the development tools on the boot image. But that
doesn’t matter anymore since I finally found a link to the
devel tools package. It’s aces now.

what version of qnx?

The only explanation for the cd not having the tools would be it’s damaged. you should check it with “dd if=/dev/cd0 | cksum” and get the result of 179511721 248741888

This first time I installed, the second pass did get the installer
and updater, but it did not give me the option to download
the tools. Subsequent installations worked properly.

You should still verify your cd. It’s not a good idea to keep a faulty disc lying around.

Not to mention other nastie side effects you might be getting from a bad install.