Has anyone had success with UPS control over USB? I have APC UPS units that I need to communicate with from QNX 6.4.0. I currently monitor power loss and command UPS shut down using the old simple serial connection from APC (not a true serial cable; line level control).

I would like to monitor the power loss and command the UPS shutdown over USB. Would also like to force a battery test and read the result.

I believe most UPS use a serial over USB communication. The UPS device should appear as serial (usb -v) does it?

I am now running 6.4.1 and it does show up as a serial over USB, however, I am unable to find any kind of SDK for the commands and messaging structure.

There is none, but you could use qtalk to send commands or programmaticaly open() the serial port and read() write() to it. I don’t believe there is a standard command set for UPS, it’s device dependant.

Read the UPS manual… as Mario said it’s device dependant. We did such kind of things many times…