How make a Splash window in PhAB?

Hello. Here is situation:
i have 2 windows, let’s say “base” and “w0”.
“base” is base window, and “w0” is “splash window”.

how do such sequense:
make and show “w0” before “base” realize,
update splash values in base Pt_CB_WINDOW_OPENING
destroy “w0” after “base” realize?

if i do like this:

  splash = ApCreateModule(ABM_w0,NULL,NULL);

//updating splash values such as progress gauge an so on...

then “w0” appears when “base” appears too. not before “base”, in that time so “base” appears…

please help me :slight_smile:

I am confused on what you are trying to do. Usually a splash screen comes up while the main app is setting things up. What you are doing is bringing up 2 windows at the same time. If you want w0 to come up first then make it the window that opens at startup in the properties of the app and remove the base window. Then sometime later when things are ready start the base window.


this problem was solved by creating window from scratchm not module like i did earlier…
then do PtFlush - and all works how i need