PtWebClient and mozserver

I’m trying to download files with mozserver, but after i clicked on the link, PtWebClient widget does not navigate by links any more

Any ideas?

I assume this is your own application with a PtWebClient in it. You should get a Pt_CB_WEB_UNKNOWN callback which tells you that it can’t display the file and then you can choose to download it. The WebClient/Server interface is based on message passing and it is possible that the server is waiting for a reply from you. Check the state of the server. I have not been in this code for a while so I am not 100% sure.

mozserver does not invoke Pt_CB_WEB_UNKNOWN in my case, but invoke Pt_CB_WEB_UNKNOWN_WITH_NAME
You’re right, after I set arg Pt_ARG_WEB_UNKNOWN_RESP, mozserver starts to work properly