How to port QT3 or QT4 to QNX621?


I’m a newbie to QNX, I wonder to know if I want to port QT3 to QNX 621, Which libraries should I need to install?

I’ve got followed packages :

xfree86 4.2.0

btw, I found most posts about QT/QNX is focus on QT3 and QNX621, is there any solution for QT45x and QNX621 ?

Thanks a lot !

– Frank

QT4 - 4.5.1
This is my first version of the qt4.5.1.
Qt works with XPhoton and from pkgrsc.

  1. in some Makefile does not have -ls5ipc.
  2. compilation of examples requires applications
    LIBTOOL =“libtool --silent --tag=CXX”.
  3. assistant does not work; assistant _ adp works
    Binary qt4 are on the
    I used gcc/g++4.5.0-20090625 for the compilation.


Thank for your attention !

I’ve seen the website (, I think it’s just what I need, But I cannot download qt4-4.5.1.lib2.qnx641.b1.tar.bz2, browser get a 404 error.

So is there any other way to get the file ?


link to qt4-4.5.1.lib2.qnx641.b1.tar.bz2 now works

it’s so kind of you ~~ thanks a lot