Can somebody help?

Hello, friends,
I have one problem with my application running well on qnx 6.3.2. Currently we have updated our platform which is equipped with GigaEhternet, so we asked QNX for the new driver But when I started the new driver with command mount -T io-net, my application at first read some configuration data from plenty of files, then crashed. But when I unmounted this driver with command “umount /dev/io-net/en0” and restarted my application, the system ran in order like in the old platform with normal network card. Is there any conflict between and my application? If there is, what is that? In fact my application doesn’t use any network functions!!! Can anybody give me some hints and what is wrong with my application? Thanks in advance.

Grab a trace and look at it in the system profiler. It will show exactly what the problem is.