getting syntax error which i cant recognize

i got a c++ program to teach usage of sqlite. but i am not able to run it and see.
when i run the code it gives error:
$ gcc test.cpp
In file included from test.cpp:1:
libsqlitewrapped.h:273: syntax error before *' In file included from test.cpp:1: libsqlitewrapped.h:419: syntax error before
libsqlitewrapped.h:427: syntax error before (' libsqlitewrapped.h:500: syntax error before

in the wrapper class libsqlitewrapped.h the line273 is:

public: /** Connection pool struct. */ struct OPENDB { OPENDB() : busy(false) {} sqlite3 *db; [i]// this is line 273[/i] bool busy; }; typedef std::list<OPENDB *> opendb_v;

similarly line 419 is:[code]
does not store result. */
bool execute(const std::string& sql);

/** Execute query and store result. /
sqlite3_stmt get_result(const std::string& sql); //line 419
Free stored result, must be called after get_result() before calling
execute()/get_result() again. /
void free_result();
* Fetch next result row.
\return false if there was no row to fetch (end of rows) */[/code]

line 427:

void free_result(); /** Fetch next result row. \return false if there was no row to fetch (end of rows) */ bool fetch_row(); /** Get id of last insert. *sqlite_int64 insert_id(); /** Returns 0 if there are no rows to fetch. */ [i]//line 427[/i] long num_rows(); /** Number of columns in current result. */ Database(Mutex& ,const std::string& database,

line 500:

void ViewRes(); /** Print error to debug class. */ void error(const std::string& ); Database& m_db; ///< Reference to database object Database::OPENDB *odb; ///< Connection pool handle sqlite3_stmt *res; ///< Stored result [b]// line 500[/b] bool row; ///< true if fetch_row succeeded short rowcount; ///< Current column pointer in result std::string m_tmpstr; ///< Used to store result in get_string() call std::string m_last_query; ///< Last query executed int cache_rc; ///< Cached result after call to get_result() bool cache_rc_cates cache_rc is valid int m_row_count; ///< 0 if get_result() returned no rows

i have included the header : sqlite3.h, also the given wrapper class.

please help

In line 272 you are missing a ; after the {} I believe. Line 427 is a comment I doubt there would be a syntax error but there seems to be mismatch comment delimiter.

That being said it seems sqlite3 and sqlite3_stmt are undefined. Check in sqlite3.h if this is where these are defined and if for some reason they would be ignore because of miss configuration ( #ifdef … )

got it to work…
there was no syntax error after all.
a litlle include in sqlite3.h
n building the .so files and .o files.