Query on boot loader

Hi All,
I am working on an embedded device, which is running on QNX6.4 and i need to do some custom changes on to boot load. Please provide the answers for few questions related to boot loader.

  1. How to determine total boot time in QNX os??
  2. How to load few pre configured applications in QNX??
    sysinit file from /etc/system path can solve my problem or not ??
  3. How to put any logo image during initialization of boot up? After running first application logo goes away.
  4. A progress bar of boot process need to be displayed on screen based on operations in boot up.

With a stopwatch.

Not sure what you mean by few pre configured. The best way to speed up is to write your own image ( .boot ) and own startup scripts. That way you get total control over what is going on. If you want even more control and speed you can write your own IPL that bypass the bios. Check out:

In the image ( .boot ), as early as possible, start a program that display the logo.

The program that display the logo could be setup to also handle a message that would control a progress bar. During the startup a program would send a message to the progress bar program to info of the progress. I guess this could also be possible with some fancy control of the cursor and ESC sequence to write a progress bar all from the shell.

Hi Mario,
I can not use stop watch for boot time. I need a method in system, which tell boot up time ???

It was a joke.

Do you want to know when the machine booted? If so pidin info will tell you.

Or how much time it took to boot? you can use data -t to get the time in seconds and do the math.