QNX425 on PCI-E graphics & Network Gigabit

We need to use QNX425 on HP compaq DC5850 (ATI Radeon 3100, Broadcom BCM5754) or DC7900 (Intel GMA 4500, Intel 82567LM).
At the first case, the video works with Pg.flatdc32, but very slowly. The network driver (Net.bcm57xx) work fine, but has a delay of 55 seconds at start, and print:
Link down
buffer stuck at 318!
Link up

If there isn’t solution we will need to put PCI Express video cards

Does anyone know which chips are supported for the Pg.radeon and Pg.i830 drivers :question:
Also with de net drivers Net.bcm57xx, Net.i82540 or Net.e1000 …

Does anyone know some new graphic PCIe devices that work well on QNX425 ?