How to built a surface using 3D points

Hello everyone,

Is there anyone has the experience of segmenting and reconstructing the MRI data with Photon. I have no idea to do this
now. There is a VTK(Visualization toolkit) package can be used for this, does anyone use it on QNX?

Any help is appreciate,


Maybe you already have already done so but I think you’d better ask at a more appropriate place like, gfx forum. This isn’t very QNX specific. I assume the segmenting and reconstruction of MRI data doesn’t have anything to do with the underlying OS.

Well, the plan is changed.
Now, my project need to collect lots of points in a coordinate system and construct them into a surface with spline interpolation(e.g.NURBS…).

Since I have no experience with computer grapic, I do not no where to start. Maybe I should begin with drawing points?

My former application has been built in Phab, and the surface will be part of the whole project. Is it possiable? how can I creat a windows to diaplay the surface in PhAB?

Any help is appreciate!


You want to display a 3D surface in a Photon program? Check the Photon manual on graphics. Beyond that, it is a complex but non-QNX issue.

Actually, I want to use NURBS Spline interpolation generate a trajectory for robot motion. So if the surface can be displayed, it would be better. But display is not the key purpose…

I think should do some home work on computer graphic…never learn it before :angry:

Right, that’s the non-Qnx part.