Buffer ran out of data

Hi all,

I´m using Sybase 5.5.04 and database server is going down with “Buffer ran out of data” error. ( three times per week ).

A watch-dog restarts the database every time it goes down and the database starts without problems.

I tried to find this error in Sybase site, but no information is available.

Database server is running with the following parameters:
dbsrv50 -m -ti0 -xqnx -gp4096 -gs4096 -c1000M -nserver_name database_file

Thanks in advance.


Sybase 5 on QNX4?

Yes, QNX 4.25.
We are using a widget that open a connection into the database. Some application have about 15 widgets, so we have 15 connections opened at the same time from the same aplicacion. This connections are “closed” when the application is ended. When the database server was stopped we had one of this application running. I understand that if we have an assertion failed the server tried to close all connections, so perhaps this message is not the error, it is a message that shows the server when stop the database. I´m using option -o and -z just to log message window of the server.