Remove booting information

Hi All,
I have a requirement to remove all booting information while loading the QNX.
1. I have created my *.ifs file(using IPL) and pasted in .boot folder of QNX system.
2. Then remove the original qnxbasedma.ifs file from .boot folder. So that my *.ifs file can be loaded during next bootup.
3. Restart the system and my *.ifs was loaded perfectly without any starting message.
As per my problem, “QNX v1.2a Boot Loader” string was coming before IPL take control for starting the boot up. How to remove this string from user interface. Anybody has any idea from where this string is coming.
I have tried to search this string in /dev/hd0 & /dev/hd0t79 using head and spatch utility. But could not found it.

You must have missed it. It’s in /dev/hd0t70 2:0a0. Note that your ifs file is not the IPL. The IPL is what loads the ifs file. In that case the IPL is the OSLoader, which is the one that is displaying the message.

You could write your own IPL, or maybe you can just hack /dev/hd0t70 to change the messages so say spaces. Dinit has an option to change the message but I don’t think that is the message that will get affected.

I don’t see this message on my machine during boot time.

Is this for QNX 4 then?


Hi Tim,
No, I am using momentics 6.4 version.
@mario : how to modify the data from /hd0t70 ??? Which QNX utility i should use to change some data to space ??

You could use spatch. But be REALLY careful ;-)


I only have 6.3.2 installed but in /x86/boot/sys there are some IPLs that you can install using dloader.

This is where we get our IPL from and we don’t get that message (there are messages but it’s much easier to clean them out of the IPL file that spatching your hard drive directly).


I think if you use the -m option on dinit you can change it without having to spatching your drive.

make sure you the -b option with this or you’ll erase your filesystem.

The documention about -m option mentions the “Press esc for al…” message, didn’t make me feel safe about using it to change the other type of message.