How to install .qpm/.qpk packages?

I read several things about a software package installer that is able to handle these .qpk/.qpm files - but where is it? There is no appropriate entry in my shelf or start menu.

How else can I install such files from command line?

such problem was discussed many times!
just copy “qnxinstall” binary from 6.3.2 and copy to any “bin” folder on your target system.
PS. It’s working on 6.4.0 but not on 6.4.1 and higher.

Can u send me the link to download the binary for qnxinstaller ?


OK, and what do I have to do when I’m using 6.4.1?

I think you have a clear choice. Get a copy of 6.3.2 and do the copy, or be satisfied without it.

I think his last question was related to the fact the previous poster said:

and Elmi is using 6.4.1.

If qnxinstall isn’t working on 6.4.1 and higher then getting 6.3.2 in order to get qnxinstall isn’t going to be of any use.

Unless you meant that Elmi would have to do the install on 6.3.2 and then copy over all the installed files from 6.3.2 to 6.4.1 which would get awfully messy.


When i am trying to execute qnxinstaller to install *.qpk package , it gives the error " Unable to access repository"

I have copied xf86-lib-4.2-public and xf86-lib-4.2-x86-public in /root/sarswati/xf86 folder and also copied the qnxinstall.exe in /root/sarswati folder

and I executed ./qnxinstall as

./qnxinstall /root/sarswati/xf86/xf86-lib-4.2-public

after executing qnxinstall it’s openning a software installer window, in this window i have entered the path /root/sarswati/xf86/xf86-lib-4.2-public

Now it shows error “Unable to access repository”

Can anybody tell me what is the problem and how to fix it?

OK, independent from the fact which hacks I could do to install some software - what is the general, official way to do that with version 6.4.1? Or isn’t it allowed any longer to install additional software packages?

Sorry for asking that again but I simply do not understand it: when an operating system has the possibility to install software via packages, there must be an official way to do that - and if it doesn’t has that possibility but had before the question that resultst from that is: how should it be done now?

sorry for stupid question, but where qnxinstaller on 6.4.0 is?

It doesn’t exists there.

And there doesn’t exists a concept how software packages have to be installed on QNX versions 6.4.x.

t booted QNX too but i must have mucked up the install some where along the line. It could not be satisified for the selected packages using the currently open repositories.

me too

thanks :unamused: