./diskroot file not found on any file system... Boot issues

Hello all:

Long time reader first time poster. I am having intermittent issues with booting a QNX 6.3 OS. It seems that every 1 in 2 or 3 reboots the bootup script has trouble detecting the HD.

We are using a SATA drive, and during the bootup sequence i get this message:

Trying SATA mvSata Scanning for Devices…
./diskroot file for root not found on any file system

Then the system hangs up and can’t get any further.

I can shut the box down, wait 10 min, and boot it back up and it will not have that problem anymore, making the issue a little harder to diagnose.

I believe that there may be a race condition, or timing issues with the SATA driver and HD not being ready before the boot up runs.

Was wondering if i could use a “wait” command to make sure the HD was ready before searching for the diskroot file.

Thanks for any input.

This is taken care of by diskboot which I would guess already does some sort of wait command. You can get ride of diskboot and use your own stuff, there is a section in the manual about doing this sort of thing.

Maybe your problem is hardware ?

originally thought hardware, but had same problem on 2 other machines all within a few weeks. Up to this point I had installed QNX 4.25 and 6.x about 2 dozen times on other machines and never saw this issue.