qnx can't be boot corretly because of bad harddisk

My qnx is on the CF card,it has 2 harddisk to save data,It’s very strange that the qnx system can’t boot correctly when the harddisk doesn’t work,at that time the some directory like “bin” disappeared,but when you remove the harddisk, all is OK,the harddisk can’t be read now,I wonder why this happened.

anyone give me some tips,please.


I don’t really understand what you wrote about your system well enough to help you.

Are you saying that you have a system with a CF card and 2 other hard drives or just a system with a CF card and 1 other hard drive?

Are you saying that the QNX O/S is installed on the CF card and you use one/both hard drives just as data disks?

Lastly are you saying one of the hard drives is corrupt/bad and because of this QNX on the CF card can’t boot? But if you remove the hard drive completely QNX on the CF card will boot?


yes i am also facing same problem. And i have lost 1 hard disk because troubleshooting was creating problems. Any one know its solution?

Tim,you are right,just as you said,qnx os is on the cf card and the file style is 79,hard drives is only for saving data,there’s no os on it,I format them to 77 and 78(2 partition),now one of hard drives is bad(it can be recognized in BIOS,but can’t be read),the result is os can’t boot correctly because some directory is disappeared,if remove it it’s OK.


Can you do an ‘echo $PATH’ and verify that your PATH does not try to find the /bin directory (or any directory) on the corrupted hard drive (you might want to post your PATH result here). That would explain why it looks there first instead of on the CF card.

Otherwise what you describe doesn’t make sense.

Can you also post your mount commands for the CF card and hard drive (should be in rc.sysinit or rc.local or in your bootimage build script).

Lastly when the hard drive is removed and you can boot correctly if you go to the /bin directory are all the files there?