Pulse handling

Hi…I’ve an Interrupt Service Routine inside a driver. This ISR is done through InterruptAttach() call and it returns a NULL sigevent structure.
Now, I want to fill this sigevent structure to send a pulse and want this driver to send a pulse whenever the ISR is called. Moreover, I want this sent pulse to be handled in a different process/driver rather than in the driver itself. How could this be implemented?

You need to create a PULSE, check SIGEV_INIT_PULSE ( from memory). The coid would be the one use to connect to the channel of the other process.

That being said that looks like a bad idea to me.

Well it is certainly a strange idea. If you want the interrupt notification sent to another process, why not just put the interrupt handler in the other process? At the very least you could have the pulse wake up the driver and send another pulse to the separate application.

Actually I wanted to build a wrapper driver over a lower-layer driver, and wanted the wrapper driver to do additional processing on the raw data.

Anyways, to accomplish this, I’m using ionotify() to arm the low-layer resource manager and get the notifications through sigevents.