pkgsrc problems - bmake does not work


I just followed the instructions from … /Bootstrap and checked out the latest HEAD_641 from SVN. But “bmake” seems not to work for several projects, e.g. sysutils/mc or x11/wxGTK28 fails, here the build script tries to download several additional packages that are not available. for the latter one it is e.g. something for Mesa.

I already tried to manually download them into the distfiles-subfolder but that does not work, these projects can’t be build.

So what can I do here?

There are something like 6000 open source projects available on pkgsrc. Not all of them will build automatically. You have a few choices when this happens.

  1. Find another package
  2. Fix the build problems
  3. Fix the build problems, make patches and send the patches to QNX so that the next person does not have the problem.
  4. Get the open source directly and fix the problems yourself.

Unfortunately for the project, 4 is probably easier than 2 or 3, however if you appreciate all the help that pkgsrc provides you, you might want to take the time to give back.

I already guessed something like that and I’m already working at 3). Btw: who is the contact at QNX to contribute changed data?

I think Sean Bouddreau is a good contact. I would go to, sign up and look at the pkgsrc forum.