can anybody tell me how create Photon applications

[size=150]hi ,
anybody know how to create Photon applications for QNX Neutrino 6.4.1 using PhAB,my develop system is linux,I can’t find Appbuilder in the Window–>Preferences

anybody know why?[/size]

PhAB is, naturally, simulating a Photon environment to provide the pixel-exact look so the apps you create look exactly like they will on the target.

I’m not sure why you are looking for the AppBuilder under Preferences, however you will not find it under Linux because AFAIK it is not there. The reason is that the environment to simulate Photon has never been ported to Linux due to the lack of demand. Most QNX customers that actually use Linux as a development host are from the netcom area that do not need a GUI.

Either way, you should contact your QNX Sales Rep about this, so QNX sees that there is demand. In the meantime, use VmWare and inside it, run the QNX Neutrino hosted development suite, which does have PhAB.