Problems Installing qnxrtp

Hi, everytime I try to install qnxrtp on my Win ME box I get an error message during the ‘growing file’ stage. The error is “runtime error! Program: C:\PROGRAM FILES\QNX\BOOT\BIN\DINITW32.EXE abnormal program termination” This is in the visual C++ runtime library. After I click ‘OK’, the installation seems to resume, asking for root password, etc…i make the boot floppy and then restart the computer as prompted. When it tries to boot into QNX, it says EIDE devices found…Scanning Devices. It will just sit like that forever not doing anything. Can anybody help me? Thank you for your time.

Try doing the manual install detailed in the tutorial Frank has on the front page of this site.

the article for manual installation doesn’t seem to cover qnxrtp. I don’t want to make a seperate partition for qnx, rather I want to have it run from windows. Anybody have any suggestions?

Actually the article talks about installing into the FAT partition. It can be the FAT partition that your Windows is running and you don’t need to create a separate partition just for qnx.

When you said “cover qnxrtp”, I guess you meant the old QNX 6.0 or 6.1? You should really try the latest 6.2.1.

What do you mean by “run from windows”? If you want the co-existence, you probably should try vmware