LWD extension file

Hi, maybe somebody could help me.
How can I open and modify a LWD extension file from a QNX system?
Is there any linux/win app that could read/write this format.
Is it a DB?
Any answers or info will be preciuous
Thanks to everybody!!!


Ahhh the old lmqtfy comes to the rescue again.

Hi and thanks, if it would be so easy, ROTFL… I wouldn’t ask here :slight_smile:
I googled a lot before asking here.
No, it is NOT a Lotus file or a known common extension.
I absolutely don’t know QNX, and this file, even if it is probably written in win (due to extension) but it is loaded in QNX
I thought it could be a kind of DB format known or common on this platform, I found it could be a LightWeight Database, but I’m not sure.
It is anyway a data list, but it seems binary, not a txt format unix/win formatted.
Any idea?
Thanks again

As far as I know this is not a known QNX extension either. Never seen that in 20 years of working with QNX.

Same here. Nothing sacred about extensions, anyone can use them for whatever they please, which seems to be the case here.