after mkifs

after I have build the boot file in the system by “dinit -h -f xx.ifs /dev/hd0t79”,I think I should copy the files and diretory to the media,but how to select which I should copy,thank you.

It depends on your footprint requirements. Either you could copy bin, sbin, usr/bin, usr/sbin, and so on, or you could create your own bin and copy all utilities you actually need. Same for libs and dll’s.

If you decide for the latter, you need to set PATH and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH that you specify in the procnto start line accordingly.

I assume that all drivers you need are part of the boot image, but a minimal boot image could just have the mass storage driver (devb-eide in your case, with all the so’s it needs) and the rest could be on your mass storage medium, too.

I have built my boot image from 6.3 to support sata harddisk,but it doesn’t work,should i include other driver except devb-eide?

You should try devb-ahci, and also check your BIOS settings if the SATA controller is set to AHCI or IDE compatible.

Also, “it doesn’t work” is not a very accurate description of the problem. You could miss some shared objects like the file system or cam lib. Or it could be that the hard disk controller is not recognized at all…