Software to resize QNX4 filesystem partitions?

I have a new toy (Harmon Kardon DMC 1000 music server) that is basically a single purpose PC in an audio component case. It has a 250gb hard drive for storing music, which I would like to replace/upsize. I took the drive out and was able to dd image it in linux to a new 650gb drive–and the resulting drive worked in the music server–but still only saw it as 250Gb.

It turns out the drive uses the qnx4 filesystem, used by the emedded QNX linux system.

As far as I can tell, none of the popular partition managing software programs out there allow you to do much/anything with qnx4 filesystems. I though maybe I could use one of these to resize the paritions and use the additional space…

So my question is: Is there an QNX expert out there who can tell me: 1) Would it likely be a small matter of resizing the partitions to use the extra space; and 2) if so, is there any utility out there that could do that?


It’s a very complicated process, it’s more like hacking… Further more in most cases a bigger HD requires some special option to be specify to the file system driver ( Fsys ), which unless you have complete QNX4 system you won’t be able modify. However this system may use QNX6 which may not need this special option.

What I would do, is get QNX6, run it in vmware. Create 2 extra virtual HD but they would be map to the physical 250Gb and 650Gb HD you have. From QNX6 format and partition the 650Gb disk and then copy the content ( with the cp command ) from the 250Gb to the 650Gb disk.

Mario described this quite well. There are other issues that may thwart your effort. For example, the device could have a special BIOS and use specific disk sector information to boot the system. It wouldn’t be the usual for QNX, but you are in wide open territory right now.