out of memory using chkfsys

when I use chkfsys to check one harddisk,the error message is “out of memory to …image”,but the memory usage rate is only 52%,why?

what does “out of memory allocating new bitmap” mean?something wrong on harddisk?something wrong with memory?Could anyone explain to me?

I’ve never seen this, so this is just a guess. When you are using chkfsys, the program must recreate the bitmap and compare it with the actual bitmap. There is no way to store the recreated one on disk, so it must use memory. Maybe you do not have enough memory for this to be accomplished? How big is your hard disk? I believe the formula is still, one bit = 1 512byte sector or a ratio of 1 to 4096. So a Gigabyte of hard drive will take about 256K of memory. A terabyte of hard drive would take 256Meg of memory.