Send() and Receive() messages between processes


i want to write a shell script to send a message to a running process. i don’t know where to start from ?!

can somebody help me ?!

shell itself can’t send a QNX message. you could write a C program and call it from the shell.

is there a way to trace messages going back and forth between processes in QNX 2.x & QNX 3.x?

is there any document that could help me better understand message sending and communication between proceesses ? and passing parameters between excutables ?! :frowning:

Do you have your QNX2 docs still? The basic theory of how send/recieve/reply works hasn’t fundementally changed since the QNX 2 days (and the docs have improved). If you don’t have the old docs, look at QNX IPC in the current docs - recognising that some of the details have changed. If you still have your QNX 2 docs, I can tell you what to look at (I will have to go dig my old QNX2 docs out of the closet).

About 100 years ago :wink: there was a software called NlRelay to connect QNX2 and QNX4 nodes.