Pls. help on PCI driver on QNX6.x

Hi All,
I need to develop a PCI based driver that serially transfer data on dual port supported on chip. Hardware is based on Fastcom board and internally infineon chip 20532 was used. As per my knowlegde, PCI BIOS dynamically define the address of Port and i am able to find the PCI device and port address using pci_XX API.
I am getting 5 (00000101 binary) in commnd register of configuration space( Last bit value 1 is for I/O space) , Which indicates that I/O space is enable for board.
But my issue is data write and read is not happening on port. Then i have seen in pci specification, there are few bus commands like “I/O Read” and “I/O Write” to start transaction on target. But i really don’t know how to give bus cmd for I/O read and I/O write on QNX, What API to use ???
I am using multiple thread resource manager for development. If any body has clue on my problem then please let me know.
It would be better, if anybody can provide a pci driver in QNX 6.x for reference.

Thanks in advance.
Gaurav Sharma