Changing Resolution - QNX 4.23 with QNX Windows

Hey all,

Sorry, completely inexperienced with QNX so apologies if this is a stupid question. We have an older workstation running QNX 4.23 and QNX Windows, which runs a few legacy applications.

Anyone who previously did the support for the machine we have been unable to contact.

Recently we have found that, a couple of rarely-used forms do not fit on the screen - it is only running at 640x480 resolution.

From what I can tell, it is using gr.vga for the graphics driver, and it appears that 640x480 is the highest res mode I can see in this - would this be correct?

The video card is a generic, unlabelled, PCI card - can’t even see anything written on the chipset etc to identify it.

What I am trying to determine, is how we can change the resolution to, say, 800x600.

I have tried browsing through the forums here, and searching for gr.vga, but pretty much everything I can see refers to Photon which, as far as I am aware, we do not have.

Is anyone able please to shed any light on this?


Yes there are drivers for higher resolution. Will they work with your generic card, ??? Can you swap out your generic card for something a little better ???

I think the driver for 800x600 is gr.svga although there are more specific ones. The support for Voodoo cards was pretty good and they are plentiful and cheap on eBay. I may be confusing Photon and QNX Windows support but at the end I think they were the same thing.