problem with mouse cursor in Photon

Good day! In node 3 qnx 4.25 boot image loads from node 1, and when starts Photon, mouse cursor don’t work. But in sysinit “mousetrap start” is wrote. If make phditto from node 1 to 3, I can move mouse cursor. It’s clear, cause mouse from node 1. PC on node 3 is old and mouse connected in com-port(serial), no ps/2. I think it was mouse not workable, but I check it on another qnx machines - it works.Maybe problem in com-port(serial)? What I can see anything else to solve this problem? Thank you!

p.s. Sorry of my english.

“mousetrap” doesn’t work every time, with every mouse, and always… I think you should configure the mouse yourself…

Thanks’. The problem was in broken com-port. When it changed to another - mouse start works in Photon! :slight_smile: