Unable to boot qnx 6.2.1


I have a ran chkfsys and restarted the system and now i am unable to boot in.It asks to Hit ESC for .altboot and when i hit ESC, nothing happens.Can any one help me on this?

Ouch… try to hit the space bar to boot in safe mode… What does the system show you?

I’m not sure, but I don’t think 6.2.1 automatically copies /.boot to /.altboot. You have to do that before there is a problem. There was a floppy rescue disk around a number of years ago.

I build myself a ultimate bootloader, using Grub 4 DOS + WinPE Minimal once, this USB-Stick-Image (Floppy Image, but without winPE^^) was able to boot almost everything. Google for a Grub 4 DOS USB Image, this will make you be able to boot any file you want, for example the /boot/hard/whatever.ifs