question about network in qnx4.x

Good day! Give me advice, please. In qnx4.25 logical network are 3 nodes.
2nd and 3rd have OS boot images from 1st. All machines connected in Ethernet with hub. Check status of nodes with “alive” utility. And result is:
1st show: 1 up 2 up 3 up
2nd show: 1 up 2 up 3 down
3rd show: 1 up 2 down 3 up
Why 2nd and 3rd can’t see each other? What’ the reason?

p.s. sorry of my english.

QNX 4 nodes have a network configuration file so that nodes can find each other by network card ID. Do you have the same file on all three nodes? I think the way to check is:

$ netmap

Problem is solved! In file net.2 in /boot/build/ in command Net must be -n 3, not -n 2 cause 3 PC in network.