2-ethernet cards

I have an embedded PC with two ethernet interfaces, one in the own CPU and the other in a standard ethernet board, over a PCI bus.
How could I assign en0 or en1 to each board?



The first thing to do is make sure your ethernet cards are supported under QNX. So you’ll need to find out the chipsets the cards use. You can use the ‘pci’ command to get details on the Ethernet chip sets. Then you go to the QNX web site and confirm that those are supported.

While you are on the QNX website you’ll see which driver you need for the ethernet card. You then start ‘io-net’ with the appropriate drivers.

Then you’ll configure en0 and en1 (DHCP/static, routing information etc) either in photon or by editing the net.cfg file in the /etc directory

All this and more is in the help files.


Thanks Tim,
Both ethernet card work properly, the problem is that with some HW (PC) the en0 and en1 configurations are swapped.



Ah, OK.

And I am guessing you want a specific card to always be en0. Then you pass that option to io-net when you start the individual drivers. From the doc’s (io-net):

io-net -del900 -ptcpip if=en0:

I am not sure if you have to specify the IP address or if just putting if=en0 is good enough and the static/DHCP part can be done via net.cfg + netmanager.