How to use mig4nto tool

Hi All,
I need to port a QNX 4.0 driver code to QNX Neutrino and i did some googling for this porting work. I have downloaded the migration kit with mig4nto.pdf. Kit includes the source code for migration and documents.
After putting the mig4nto utility in QNX neutrino at path /root and gave following command

  mig4nto -o /nto/src *.c    
But it prompt mig4nto "/bin/sh: mig4nto: cannot execute - No such file or directory"
How to use the mig4nto utility ???

/root is not by default in the path.

Try to invoke it by doing /root/mig4nto.

You didn’t say what kind of driver. I don’t think the migration kit will be much help. It may point out some exchangable calls but not much more. Your hardware code should be salvagable. The more separate from the OS code the better. Beyond that you have a few main things to consider.

  1. The rules for hardware I/O are different
  2. Allocating shared DMA memory is different
  3. The OS structure is very similar, but you have much better support in 6, which you will have to learn about
  4. Do you want to go multi-threaded? The support is there to make this fairly easy, and there are some advantages.

I have tried to use the /root/mig4ntos. But result is same. I have attached a sample QNX 4.25 *.c file and migration utility. If possible, please try to migrate at your end.
I am in doubt, mig4nto works only in QNX 4 OS.?? Please clearify. Is it working in QNX neutrino ??

@maschoen: I will use the R. M in QNX neutrino and my h/w don’t use DMA and driver is ISA bus based with multi thread support.

It is my understanding that the mig4ntos utility is a QNX4 app. It will not run in neutrino.