Release QNX 6.3

When will be the release of QNX 6.3 ??

Hah… That is the question of the season. Many years ago, QSS used to try to keep a fixed release schedule and date. This led to some pretty scary releases and they have learned from that experience. So the smart alec answer is it will be released when it is ready. ;-)

On the other hand, I am fairly confident we will see a alpha/beta test for it pretty soon. From that info, I can’t believe it will be released before 1st quarter 2004 at the earliest. If you are a commercial customer, talk to your sales rep about getting in on the beta if you are interested. If you are a non-commercial user, it depends how they are releasing the NC version this time - you can always send email to and ask to be part of it - no promises whether you will even get a response. :slight_smile:


ps. Oh yeah, these are just my opinions and may be totally confusing - I don’t know when 6.3 will be released or in beta test.