Porting from QNX4 to LINUX


The project i’m working with is in QNX4 RTOS.It has wcvector built-in classes and header files.I’m asked to port this code to Linux.

  1. Can i compile this code in g++/Linux?If so,how it should be done?
    Or do i have to provide separate implementation using STD::vector in order to compile it with g++/ubuntu Linux.

Please provide me with suggestions.

New user.

wcvector is a watcom thing, you should be able to replace it with std::vector

QNX4 used the Watcom compiler. That compiler is about 15+ years old now. The wcvector built in classes are WatComs attempt at creating STL back before STL became standard on C++.

So you are going to have to replace the wcvector classes with STD::vector as you surmrised (unless Watcom suddenly became open source when I wasn’t looking).


Yes Watcom is open source ( it’s called openwatcom )