harddisk error

1)can’t save file on it,it said “file system corrupt”
2)use chkfsys-“out of memory of allocating new bitmap”

what’s wrong with disk?

Didn’t someone just post this same issue a couple weeks back?

I believe the cause was determined to be that the RAM on the machine wasn’t big enough to hold a new bitmap due to the large disk size.

How much RAM do you have and how big is your disk partition?


I don’t think so,because I have another harddisk on the machine,but it’s OK,it has the same size and type


Then it’s possible the bitmap is completely destroyed. If that’s the case it would explain why nothing works on that drive.

Someone else will have to comment on what if anything can be done if the bitmap is truly corrupted/blown away.


If the bitmap is unusable, your best bet it to copy it off to another disk, then dinit the disk and copy it back. I would be wary of using the same disk though. If you have bad sectors on the disk, it may be failing.

Is the only way to dinit it?I want to find why it destroyed,by the way when I use “ls” ,you can see some strange character file on the disk

Well, the first thing you should do is back up any good data. This is important for two reasons. If the disk is failing, you may only have a limited amount of time to get the data off. Also, you could do something unintentionally that will make things worse.

If you want to try to find out why it was destroyed, go ahead and look. It is unlikely you will find out why, however I can tell you of one common problem that has occurred at various times with hard drives. The most recent time I saw it was when I put in a 150Gig disk in an original version of Windows XP. I partitioned the disk into a few 40Gig disks. When I passed the 128Gig boundary on the last disk, it wrapped around and wrote over the primary C disk ruining all my data.

The problem in short occurs when you write past the end of some boundary and instead of writing to the correct location, the driver or hardware wraps the write around to the beginning of the disk. This has happened from time to time with older QNX 2 hardware and drivers. I don’t remember hearing of it happening under QNX 4 or QNX 6 ever.

The strange characters you are talking about occur when a directory is corrupted. ls doesn’t know this so it just writes out what it thinks are file names when they in fact garbage.

One last thing. There is a procedure for rescuing disks that consists of dinit’ing the drive, and then re-linking existing directories into the root. Finally chkfsys is run to fix the bitmap. This can be very hit or miss, but if you have lost valuable data, it is a way to recover it. I personally would be inclined to re-link and copy off any data.

You also might consider doing a sector by sector backup so that if you break something, you still might recover.