Error on compiling bash


Yesterday someone introduced me to QNX and I installed it on vmware. Since the only shell I somehow know is bash, i decided to compile it, but after ./compile and make I got some error about some unrecognized options -F and -3s, follwed by make exiting with error.

Not only that i’m new to QNX, but i’m also new to any OS with a “-x” suffix :cry: , so can anybody help me ?

Thank you.

P.S. It’s a 6.2.1 NC and a bash-0.25b.

sounds like it is a Makefile for QNX4.
the bash for QNX6 is on the 3rd party CD.

Yeah - the person that did the QNX4 port didn’t do the checks properly and so QNX6 matches as well. There is already a bash package on the QNX Online repository though. I need to get our patches passed up the food chain to GNU.