rpcbind/nfsd not working with QNX6.4.1 (OK with QNX6.3.2)

HI !

In sysinit file I have :

With QNX6.3.2, at end of the script, nfsd is present in the processus list, all is fine.

With QNX6.4.1, at the end of the script, nfsd is NOT present in the list of processus. But if I launch nfsd after the script, it is OK.

I was forced to introduce a “sleep 1” between rpcbind and nfsd and then it works !!!

Any idea ?

Thank you.

Any ideas why you need a delay?


The nfsd probably depends on something that the rpcbind provides and in 6.4.1 rpcbind is probably a little slower to start and so nfsd fails.

You should check to see whether rpcbind registers itself in a /dev/rpcbind type manner. If it does you can replace the sleep 1 with a ‘waitfor /dev/rpcbind’ call


And start by removing the ampersands.


Hi !

Some news :

  1. /etc/rpc was missing, it is better with it (note that it is still possible to make a nfs connection without it)
  2. I found nothing to wait for rpcbind (no dev/rpcbinf or something similar).
  3. when removing the ampersands, nfsd no longer crash at startup (is there a rule when using ampersand ? rpcbind start in background itself ?).

thanks !

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