Installation problem with 6.2.1 - freeze @ crttrap


I tryed to install QNX 6.2.1. It begins the boot process, but after “Running crttrap…” and another 4 lines, it hangs. Can you help me how to solve this problem?
I’ve got a VIA KT400 based motherboard and an ATI 9600 video card.



If you are using NC, no your graphics card is not supported.
If you are using a comercial version, I heard the rumor that 6.2.1 patch B had added the supported for ATI Radeon 9XXX cards.

That doesn’t mean you are out of hope, you can still use evanh’s high performace vesa driver:
But, first you need to get QNX installed :slight_smile:
What you can do is: Press Space during the booting (when it display this message) and then select to boot into no photon. login “root” and no passwd. cd /lib/dll and rename the “” to something else. Now, reboot and complete the installation. Once you are all done, you can download and install the new vesa driver.
Not perfect, but it works. Or, you can use XFree86 like I am doing :slight_smile:

Thank you, i’ll try the driver, because the actual driver is looking to be very slow. But this means that i’m writing this message under qnx.:slight_smile: I still doesn’t know what was the problem with 6.1, but now with the NC version it runs all ok.:slight_smile:

Now it runs with the new vesa driver - i wrote over the old with the new you’ve proposed.

But how to install the radeon driver? (maybe it works. in the display configuration i cannot select it, but when i’ve edited the graphic driver command (changing dldevg_vesabios to dldevg_radeon) the system crashed).

Well, you can go to /lib/dll and rename back.
Reboot the machine and it will detect and start io-graphics with -dldevg-radeon, but since this driver doesn’t really support the 9X00, it will probably just hang or crash your system.
It won’t hurt to give it a try :slight_smile:

I tryed to start XFree86, but for XPhoton i get an error “Cannot establish any listening sockets”

under text console the X doesn’t start too…

plz help…

X requires tcpip. “/sbin/ifconfig -a” should at least show the loopback interface. If not, your ethernet card is probably not automatically detected (or maybe you don’t have a network card installed). You can just run “io-net -ptcpip &” to startup the loopback if you don’t care about the real network. This should make X happy.

IIRC the driver in 6.2.1 NC do support the newer radeons, just that they don’t have any entries in the trap database for them, I think you should be able to force it and have success.