Installation of QNX 6.4.1 on target

Hi All,

I am a newbie trying to get QNX running and do write some applications.
I have a laptop(x86) on which I plan to install QNX Neutrino RTOS.
The host will be my windows laptop where I do all the cross development.

So, with this in mind, I went to QNX site under:

and downloaded:
QNX® Software Development Platform 6.4.1 — Full Installation DVD [All hosts]

Then I followed installation instructions and had the Momentics IDE runnig on my Windows.
But now, I don’t know how to install the QNX RTOS on my target :frowning: I do not see an ISO file for the Neutrino RTOS.
Also, I do see a vmdk file : but I guess this is only if QNX should run on a VM but here I would like to run oit directly on my machine.
PL help

Starting with 6.4.0 QNX dropped the “self-hosted” version of their IDE. The vmdk file is probably the easiest way to do development and test it on one machine but if you want to install it directly on your machine you’ll need to download the “QNX® Software Development Platform 6.4.1 — QNX Neutrino RTOS Installation and Boot CD”. This is probably included in the “Full Installation DVD” but I’m not sure of the layout. As mentioned, this installation not include the IDE

I did install “QNX® Software Development Platform 6.4.1 — QNX Neutrino RTOS Installation and Boot CD” on a CD (as Burn Image to CD) format and tried to boot it on my target. All I get is:

Booting QNX SDP…

And after sometime goes completely dead… Any idea?


Is your CD drive a SATA drive?

Not all SATA controllers are supported in native SATA format by QNX. Go into the BIOS on your target and set the SATA controller to IDE emulation mode and try again.


No it is in IDE Emulation Mode. I tried the CD in two different laptops with IDE mode only :frowning:

I mean in IDE emulation mode