XPhoton/Xorg rootless

I miss xphoton in 6.4.1

After spending time away mastering pkgsrc, I’m back and I was curious if X11 apps had to be run outside Photon.

The one on the 3rd party CD works fine. Now to hack on pkgsrc muahahaha!

Spoke too soon. qnxinstall doesn’t work on 6.4.1 thus no xphoton. Bummer.

I got the current modular xorg working on my qnx 6.4.1 now. Works good, with window manager, Xterm, mouse + keyboard.

Now I applied the xphoton sources and try to port it to XORG. As template I will use the XQuartz DDX, which the former developer of XPhoton for Xfree also used. As far as I can see, most of the stuff is similar.

The rootless stuff is already implemented as MIEXT (Machine-Independant Extension) in X.ORG, so there is no work to do :slight_smile:

I guess in a few days the first version of XPhoton for 6.4.1 will be ready!

I have building GUI pkgsrc packages without hassle and once the new XPhoton is out, I’ll try them out. :smiley: