Image filesystem

I have a flash disk and I formatted it with QNX4, with no boot image on it. Thereafter, I loaded my custom boot image in the “/.boot” folder of the filesystem. I formatted the flash by booting the QNX6.4 installation CD and running it.

When the custom boot image boots up, it presents the “IMAGE” filesystem and a RAM file system under “/dev/shmem”. I want to know, where are these partitions stored, on the flash or in the RAM, specifically the “IMAGE” filesystem?


The RAM file system under /dev/shmem is stored in the RAM. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a RAM filesystem :slight_smile:

The IMAGE filesystem is also stored in RAM. The .boot file contains all actual files that get placed in the IMAGE filesystem. When QNX boots, it copied all the files stored in the .boot file to the IMAGE filesytem in RAM (in 6.3 its in the /proc/boot directory, I assume it’s the same in 6.4).

So the answer is they are both in RAM.